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Checking In

How often do you check in on past co-workers and colleagues? When I joined Liquid Web in March 2020, the pandemic was just starting to take hold, but we were only going to go on lockdown for 2 weeks … As the weeks and then months passed, it became apparent that face to face interaction would be almost non-existent.

How did we handle the isolation? We started something cool where, as leaders, each of us would pick someone – usually not in our org – and we would simply check in. Nothing major, no real time suck. Just checking in with a, “How are you?” Did we do it every day? We tried, and the effort was there. I honestly believe we helped folks just by reaching out. Text, Slack or a phone call – didn’t matter.

Face to face is back but reaching out is still worthwhile. For me, when I think of someone, I immediately try and send them a text. I don't write expecting a response. I just want them to know that on that day and for a moment, I thought of them and wished them well.

How do you stay connected?

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