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Client Feedback to the Product Team Part 1

Ah, the Sales and Product relationship dynamic! I can foresee multiple posts on this topic alone 😉. For today, let’s cover how sellers provide requests from clients into the Product machine. I’ve experienced a number of options – regular monthly meetings, sending to group email aliases, a shared spreadsheet, yelling across cubicles but none achieved the level success we needed.

Speaking of success – what does success look like for passing along product requests from clients?

1) Ease of providing feedback

2) Acknowledgement of feedback (to the seller)

3) Response to the feedback (to the client)

#1 and #2 seem easy and can be automated. A form (Teams, Google, etc) handles the input. An automated response can be sent to the sender. #3 is the place where ideas go to die. With good reason. Most of the suggestions are pure crap. Yup, I said it. Another large chunk of suggestions makes absolutely no sense for the business and likely appease 1 or a very small number of customers. That leaves you with a smaller but valid list of ideas.

How would you define success here? My post next week will provide examples of what I’ve seen work in the past.

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