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Client Feedback to the Product Team Part 2

In regard to social media, I use LinkedIn every day (all day) to connect with new and old friends alike and then I use Twitter to consume information. No Facebook, etc for me. On Twitter, I follow a ton of awesome marketing thought leaders and one of those is Katelyn "The Customer Whisperer" Bourgoin (follow her if you don't already). She recently wrote that "customers are experts in problems - not solutions" and I think this captures what I meant when I wrote that most customer suggestions are crap. Customers aren't concerned with anyone else (for good reason) so you have to take feedback / product suggestions with a grain of salt.

I believe you should capture 100% of product suggestions but then you must view each through the lens of:

"How will this impact the overall business?".

Is it just to win one deal? Sorry my sales peeps - this might help retire quota but it likely creates technical debt that will come due eventually.

Does it help retain a significant set of customers? If yes - what is the value in new LTV?

Capture everything. Be ruthless vetting which ones to take up. Communicate the decision - good or bad.

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