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Grateful on June 10, 2022

Friday is a wonderful day for a gratitude post instead of one focused on business (however, they are not mutually exclusive).

My plan is to exit my 40’s (less than 6 months away now) as healthy as possible. That plan required changes to my eating and drinking habits.

Ugh, some have been easier than others.

I’m still an early riser so this morning was no different. Good workout, a run along the Boardwalk in Virginia Beach (contrary to all of the Tik Toks I’ve watched, Gen X Dad bods DO NOT maintain themselves) and then a walk to Starbucks for the largest Americano I can buy.

Here it is though - in a world of chaos and disruption, I am so grateful I get to experience a gorgeous sunrise. In a little bit, I’ll wake up my kiddo and his friend, feed them and then work (with a view) the rest of the day. When I committed to become healthier, I didn’t realize increased gratitude would be a direct result.

Have an amazing Friday LinkedIn Family and an even better weekend.

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