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Importance of Focus in Sales

As a “sales guy’, I believe it’s ok to admit that we work best when the process is straightforward and the ability to focus is easy. Having seen sales models requiring sellers to 1) work the base, 2) make cold calls, 3) prospect, 4) perform account management, 5) essentially doing all the things (all the time), I speak for the group, “No thank you”.

The best sellers – resulting in the highest performing teams – I have ever managed contained folks who were brilliant in their area.

They sold to new logo clients OR they grew a book of business within the base of accounts.

They sold to clients OR they sold with the channel partners.

They had a direct quota on deals sold OR they supported a sales team as an overlay resource.

Salespeople kill it when they know exactly what success looks like. They are on the right bus and in the right seat.

Success = If I sell X by Y, I get paid $$$.

Forget the complex comp plans that seek to divide effort across customer types or different sales motions. All you will do is confuse the daily grind of selling.

Come at me if you disagree 😉

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