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Interview Questions

I am curious about the approach others take when interviewing. For this instance, let’s say I am interviewing for a new sales team member: mid-level experience and I am NOT the hiring manager, but that manager does report to me.

As an ex-wrestling coach, I am a huge fan of a legendary man called Dan Gable. Books have been written about him but in this case, I’ll use his approach to recruiting (paraphrasing). He didn’t focus so much on accolades (state titles, national tournament wins, etc) but instead looked for young men who were fighters. He knew he could teach skill, what he needed were guys who would fight to the end and lay it all on the line when it counted.

When I am asked to interview for entry or mid-level sales positions, I keep it simple as well. I look for passion to learn and eagerness to be part of a winning team. Personally, I don’t worry about past performance (the hiring manager is likely asking those questions) or awards. I want to know if this person will get their hands dirty and take seriously what their effort means to the overall success of the team.

What question do I ask of everyone? “If I chatted with a current teammate, how would they describe working with you?” Wow – answers to this are telling.

Do you have a go to question or set of questions you ask?

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