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Interviewing Sales Leaders - Project Based?

While I hear, all the time, about the interview process at Google and Amazon (among others), most of those conversations concern the process for technical positions. I am curious if anyone uses the same, or similar, method for sales roles. For the first time last fall, I asked the top applicants for a role to prepare a presentation about a particular topic and I really loved the results.

I was less concerned with the flash/style and more interested in effort, research and the thought process.

My guidelines:

1) Only the top applicants (finalists) for the role would get the project (nor enough time to ask everyone)

2) I would be the audience for their presentation (know what makes me tick?)

3) Everyone received the same topic and had the same amount of time to complete (fairness)

4) No restrictions on final format (video, ppt, whatever floats your boat) (show me how you think)

The resulting presentations helped me make the final decision and I would not hesitate to use the same process in the future.

Do you do something similar for non-technical roles?

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