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Remote Work - June 9, 2022

Except for 18 months in London, I’ve enjoyed working remotely for over 15 years. I have a dedicated “office” space –those who know me have seen that space move around the house a lot though – and distractions are limited. Never say never, but I can’t imagine going back into an office every day of the week. Which brings me to the often-overlooked topic of transparency in remote work. The worst, absolute worst, things someone can say about a remote worker?

“What does XXX do all day?” or “I can’t get a response from XXXX.”

Six years ago, I wrote an article about being a good remote manager and the same principles hold true for anyone not physically present in the office.

A.R.E. You?

Be Accessible. Make it seem like you are in the cubicle / office next door. If someone needs you, you’re easy to find.

Be Responsive. As a remote worker, you must reply quickly to requests. Don’t let it sit – respond, even if it means asking for more time to provide a better answer.

Be Engaged. Know your team. Check in on them and provide updates – frequently.

How do you handle remote work?

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