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Soft Skills as a Leader

As a simple guy, I try and break down what motivates my team into the simplest of terms. Since I usually lead sales teams, I have found these two factors have the most impact on performance, morale and retention:

1) Pay

2) Recognition

With pay - make it simple to understand how sellers get paid and what success looks like. Have a documented commission plan and a tool that allows sellers to see how they get paid. Mess with pay and you lose the sellers.

With recognition. Money, awards, trips, etc - a long list of things to motivate sellers; but, the top sellers are ultra-competitive. When they didn't win, they got pissed and then worked harder. Recognize the effort and recognize the achievements. My suggestion is to do this on a regular schedule (quarterly has always worked best for me).

If you could list 2 things that motivate your team, what would they be?

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