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When to visit a client?

As our world emerges from the Covid pandemic and the remote/in-office scenario continues to evolve, I believe it is still essential to meet with clients and prospects face to face. Creating a level of professional intimacy with clients is the key to future success. In addition, as business owners, we must balance cost against the nature and size of an opportunity.

Step 1 - Look at existing clients, as well as pipeline, to determine locations with the highest number of potential visits.

Step 2 - Assign value per client and prospect according to the chart below. Box 1 - call them to Box 4 - make them the focus of the visit.

Step 3 - Engage with Service Delivery to gather intel on existing clients (status of work, NPS, stakeholders, etc)

Step 4 - Plan out visit 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

Visit Requirements:

1) Stakeholder attendance is confirmed

2) Agenda includes who is presenting/talking and set time limits

3) Agreed objectives - via email / in writing

4) Budget (inclusive of all expenses) for travel

5) Tangible ROI - what “exactly” do you expect from a revenue perspective. BE SPECIFIC in regard to amount and time.

6) Intangible ROI - customer experience, brand building, goodwill, progresses relationship, etc

What do you use?

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